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Weiss Schwarz Booster Box Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom (JPN).

9 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. 144cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are normal 110 + parallel.
Copyright Koi/Hobunsha/Gochumon wa Bloom Production Committee Desu ka?
Copyright bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

  • ――Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original serialization [Is the Order a Rabbit? ] From [Is the Order a Rabbit? A booster pack containing the famous scenes of [BLOOM] is now available!
    ――In addition to the famous scenes from the anime, many cards using the original illustrations are included!
    ――It is a cute booster to watch in 2021!

    [Foil stamping sign card information]
    -Includes foil stamped autograph cards for 10 cast members!
    --Ayane Sakura (role of Cocoa)
    --Inori Minase (role of Chino)
    --Risa Taneda (role of Rize)
    --Satomi Sato (role of Chiya)
    --Maaya Uchida (role of Syaro)
    --Mr. Sora Tokui (role of Maya)
    --Rie Murakawa (role of Meg)
    --Saori Hayami (role of Aoyama Blue Mountain)
    --Juri Kimura (role of Rin Mate)
    --Ai Kayano (role of Mocha)

    --Normal 110 types (RR 13 types / R 29 types / U 28 types / C 28 types / CR 4 types / CC 8 types)

    --Box privilege: 1 from all 5 types of Weiss Schwarz PR cards (planned)
    * There is no box benefit for reprints

    [Neo standard classification]
    -You can build a deck only with cards with card numbers starting with [GU /].

Weiss Schwarz Booster Box Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom (JPN).